The World’s Most Popular Rod PumpThe Lufkin Conventional Crank Balanced PumpingUnit, widely known and accepted, is the old reliable“work horse” of the oil patch. This is the most universallyadaptable unit in the Lufkin line. These units aresimple to operate and require minimum maintenance.They are available in sizes up to the C-1824D-305-240;a unit with a 240-inch stroke, a polished rod capacityof 30,500 pounds and a 1,824,000 inch-pound doublereduction gear box.Conventional Crank units are manufactured in eithertwo-point foundation or standard-base foundationdesigns. Two-point units are suitable for front andrear, precast, concrete-block foundations or fabricatedfoundation pads under the front and rear of the unit.Precast concrete blocks reduce concrete requirementsby approximately 80%. This simple suspension/foundationdesign significantly reduces installation time.Standard-base units must have a one-piece blockfoundation supporting the entire steel base.


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